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Mike Arnold


He for sure will not be on the track in the shifter without some experience in it first.  I don’t want to put him in danger nor other drivers on the track.  He has raced since he was 8 and on long tracks since he was 10.  Just not in a shifter.  I can remember my first time out on the track when much faster karts went by.  It really caught me by surprise!!  You are so correct in the differences between sprint and long track and we (my son and I )have done both.  I just wanted to see where there were opportunities and prepare accordingly.   We do have almost a year to get ready.  Unfortantely the CES is the only RR series where he can race a shifter on the long tracks due to the WKA age restriction.  I have proposed to the WKA to have a Novice Shifter class where Jr’s 15~17 yrs old with prior RR experience and adults could run a restricted 125 shifter to gain experience but no luck in getting this approved.   I have the same concern with Adults jumping in a shifter with no race experience!  My son has raced the Yamaha at Daytona and most other WKA RR tracks in heavy traffic but he only topped out around 92mph and that difference between 92 and 110 amoung shifters is big + the unlimited laydowns/Superkarts that fly by at 130mph+ is even more concerning!  I appreciate you posting your concern about this.

Let’s all hope this goes through…Has anyone heard if or when there is a meeting this month to learn any new details?