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Kerry Matthews

Jack didn’t make it up, but most of the guys there were already abreast of the situation.  Darrell Hulford wants on the “I’m in!” list also.  He’s onboard in Stock Honda.
As for Jimmy McNeil, Darrell Tunnell and Robert Marks, those boys like to come play on the road tracks with us on occasion….  They’re not new to the road racing circuit.  They are known at NCK races.  They like to come around, kick our butts, make themselves feel good…  LOL

And the pain’s subsiding.  No broken or cracked bones found.  6-8 wks. of rehab, then it’s time to start training for racing in my new class, the Stock Hoveround Heavy Masters which is held at the senior center down the street from my house on Wednesdays.  I hear they race for bingo money!