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I should be back in Jimmyworld by turn 4. :lol:



Also, an afterthought – given that some of the SoCal prokart guys have shown their interest in this event, maybe that will open the doors for a bunch more sprint racers to come join the party on a road course. I never thought the two worlds mixed much, but obviously this event has the appeal like no other, so despite what everyone normally does, we may see some intermingling. I haven’t karted professionally in like three years, but I do keep up with the results, and someone needs to contact Billy Musgrave. It’d be interesting to see how he’d do road racing.

Also, if I head up to NTK (my local ProKart sprint track) or DKC (my other local ProKart sprint track), I’ll spread the news. I’m sure I can get at least 10 people who’d run Stock Honda, if not 15-20. Also, DD2 would benefit from some ProKart Challenge entries.

Finally, I heard Kerry Matthews was going to spread the word at Thunderhill. I know you are in some pain right now, Kerry, but was there feedback from any other drivers not mentioned? Jack Dorian, Ryen Miller, Erik Maxfield, Mike Lagrone, etc?