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Benn Herr

I don’t believe Linda is saying that it is a bad thing. Getting people (veteran/new) to roadrace, benifits everyone in roadracing. People who race VERY LITTLE (1-2 races a year possibly) need to understand that those who have a series such as we do under KART/MARRS which has a 7-8 race series is that even though we all believe racing at COTA would be a once in a life time experience, if we as racers where there are SEVERAL races at the present time decide to not support those events and support this event, then there is a GREAT chance of loosing some races(tracks) or even the series in there area they race in. Then what do ROADRACERS do??
As I posted earlier, I will do what I can as for scheduling around this date (if it goes off) but, our series comes first. This comes from someone who travels to other parts of the country to race but supports his own series FIRST.
I hope this race can happen as I want to see how many of those who say YES, will actually show as some who have posted here also said they were going to HPT in 2011 and didn’t show.

The one thing that Road Racing needs is NEW bodies. While it is a fine thing to hold costs down and have a series that everybody is comfortable with – not too much travel, not too expensive – in the end it’s not sustainable. While your racers may love the racing they do and are ready to make another run at the championship next year, life has a way of changing that. Their kids grow up and have things to go to, they lose a job, get divorced, have surgeries, and sometimes racers just get older and pass away. Once you lose you base of customers it only gets worse.

That’s what happened to the SCK in California. Formed when Road Racing was going through some changes, and every time karting changed, they stayed on top of it and adapted. When the KT100 came out, when bodywork got popular, when sit-up classes got big. SCK was the place to be for all of these and they were constantly getting new members. Then things outside of karting changed. Tracks got expensive, and there were other kinds of racing that were more appealing. Just being the place you went to Road Race wasn’t enough. Participation dropped, not so low that they couldn’t put on races but they had to go into survival mode. Limited numbers of races, streamline the operation, lean on the volunteers, take less desirable track dates because it’s cheaper, one day races, etc….

It works for a while but have a couple bad events and you’re out of business.

The only way to stay out of this death spiral is to get new racers. And things like the USKGP are what does that. In karting the current biggest growing group is SKUSA. They put on events that people want to race in and there are championships to win but they also have the Supernats, a big event that gets a lot of notoriety, it creates a lot of “buzz”. SKUSA would be just another race promotion company without the Supernats. Every well run sport has a premier event to provide an attention focus. Road Racing used to have a couple, Daytona and Road America. But now, one is gone and the other is getting a little old. We need a high point, something special that will capture the imagination of the potential Road Racer. We need to work hard to schedule around this event. Is there a risk you might lose a race date you currently have? Yes. But you’ll lose that date anyway as soon as somebody comes along with more money. The only way to win that battle is to have more money and the only way to do that is with more racers. Make it so racers from your area can run it without a schedule conflict. We have a year to do it. It’ll be worth it.