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Bob Baldwin

The NW rr scene is drying up and floating away. We have a minimal of young drivers coming up and are forced to tax the old guard with higher and higher prices due to track rentals ect. Even got some cool new tracks online here after losing some old ones but numbers remain low and falling. If it takes a new track like this anywhere in the US to get the short track world interested it can’t do anything but help everyone’s program. They try us, they like us and then return to all of our regular local events looking for more of that taste. If this new track was in any existing clubs back yard each would push it as hard as possible to gain runners, this is no different. Find a buddy, tell em it’s an F1 facility and drag em out even if it’s just to watch. RR needs more bodies.


To comment on Chris Hegar’s Posting should the event be put in the ” IT IS A GO ” category , I am just wondering from the comments that I have read here that since Many will be attending from the NORTH , SOUTH EAST COAST , MIDWEST , WEST COAST , after the days events would it NOT be possible to have a so called Mini Summit meeting with all the Clubs ,Org’s Groups and businesses and interested parties that WANT to HELP RR Survive . I’m  sure Bernie will be Extremely busy for 48 hours some what of an impromptu meeting for those Clubs , Groups Org’s might be of Benefit to all interested parties .

The same people might want to consider leaving several copies of survey asking what the competitors would like to see at RR events . Pass them out at the event ,take some back to your buddies that could Not attend then send all returns to someone willing to analyze the results and eliminate the negatives and try building on the positives . The results may offer some people some new ideas . Where else are you going to get such a large convergence of RR karters ?