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Benn Herr

Bruce there were 20 Yamaha Hvy entries at Topeka for the KART nationals, I would expect more than that at this race. That being said the only thing that might throw a wheel on the deal is if a guy only wants to run one class and has to pay $600. Most in my group will run as many classes as they can be it TAG, Yamaha/piston port/open- situp/ laydown. As long as time to recover for all of us old farts were in.

As posted before by Chris Larson if you enter 2 or 3 classes at most major events you’re going to spend over $300+ to $400. The only thing I see is we have people that would love to run in our area that can only run one day or class.

In past years there has been every attempt to make it so everybody has two places to run each day. It’s tough to justify sometimes with the limited laydown turnout classes. With the increased intrest in those classes this year it seems like they would really try to find a place for them to run. If you’re up to it and you’re supply of parts doesn’t run out, running four times on the weekend puts the cost at $150 a race. And that’s not bad for this kind of track.

Maybe we should start a laydown list like the Stock Honda guys are doing?

Drive Cota