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Glen Cherry

I will bet that if there is a  1-Yamaha HVY pipe class, 2- a Yamaha can classes, a piston port, and a open class for laydown kart that there will be no less than 20 karts in each class. Our group brings 9 -Yamaha Hvy  entries to most all of the races we attend. Now sometimes work or life makes some of us have to pass on a race but the numbers of Laydown Road Race karts in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas will make up the 20 karts. If any of the people outside of these states show up the numbers should be great.

Debbie, I as well have put this down as a carved in stone race. I hope a ton of laydown karts show up and as a group start to work together to bring back big classes for laydown racing!

As a group we don’t points race so our group picks races or track that we want to race at then plan them out as a group and bring the most we can to a race.

See ya at the track!!