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Ty Johnson
  1. Jimmy McNeil
  2. Randy Pierson
  3. Clark Gaynor Jr
  4. Joseph Hollinger
  5. Jeff DeMello
  6. Juan Jaramillo
  7. Kerry Matthews
  8. Todd Kageals
  9. Bill Pyles
  10. Mark Nagy
  11. Rodney Davies
  12. Jason Campbell
  13. Shawn Warner
  14. Rich Stokes
  15. Chris Hegar
  16. Ryan Hegar
  17. Rob Hegar
  18. Rob Miller
  19. Bill Cox
  20. Tyrone Johnson
  21. Stephen Lamana
  22. Nicholas McClure
  23. Sam Zavaglia?
  24. Mike Wayne?
  25. Ray Chiappe
  26. Beck Duggleby
  27. Philip Davis
  28. Jason Lorang
  29. Gino Giannopoulos
  30. John Paternostro

That’s the updated Stock Honda list. And Sam, do you happen to be Sam Bocchino? ;) We’re at 30 entries for Stock Honda alone (that ties the USKGP entry numbers at Miller) and we’re still an entire year away. I wouldn’t be surprised if we made it 70-80 by the time it is said and done… it’s like Road America shifter kart racing all over again, except right in my backyard! ;) I also expect we’ll see some guys from the sprint racing community come over to join as well… maybe some of the guys competing in Vegas? Also, I’m sure we’ll get more from the NCK. Is that you, Erik Maxfield and Ryen Miller? ;) It should be epic. :)

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Jordan Johnson and Dillon Johnson will be there with stock moto also.