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Debbie Kuntze


We have always had a differnt mind set in the West, espeically since mid 90’s when things started swinging more to sit ups due to all the sprint tracks within a 1/2 hour of everyone’s home that popped up everywhere. Laydown die hards -just showed up and raced, sometimes even by themselves against themselves. Heaven knows I did that a few times. My last race I was only piston port laydown, but I went out to race against my previous time-beat it and ended up 2nd overall (behind hubby John running a controller) and I STILL grin about it!

I don’t get to race a COTA as someone has to keep all the dedicated racers safe :-) but you can bet your guns I will beg, borrow or steal a kart (preferably a laydown) and do at least one lap! Then I get to say I have been on this track. If you stay home-you will not get to say that ;-)