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Of course, you’re right, Debbie. It’s not time to make those plans to improve the event already. I’m just a little overexcited! :lol: I’ve been out of karting for about four years and want to get back into it again. Which brings me to this question: I know Mike Wayne (of Australia) has hooked up with Tim Kyser to rent a used kart… is anyone willing to do the same for me? I’m looking for a Stock Honda, preferably Sodi, Birel, CRG, or TonyKart, with minimal wear and minimal damage. How much do people generally charge for that?

Here’s the Stock Honda grid so far, just off of interest I’ve pulled of the EKN classic forum:

  1. Jimmy McNeil
  2. Randy Pierson
  3. Clark Gaynor Jr
  4. Joseph Hollinger
  5. Jeff DeMello
  6. Juan Jaramillo
  7. Kerry Matthews
  8. Todd Kageals
  9. Bill Pyles
  10. Mark Nagy
  11. Rodney Davies
  12. Jason Campbell
  13. Shawn Warner
  14. Rich Stokes
  15. Chris Hegar
  16. Hegar #2
  17. Hegar #3
  18. Hegar #4
  19. Maybe Hegar #5?? :lol
  20. Rob Miller
  21. Bill Cox
  22. Tyrone Johnson
  23. Stephen Lamana
  24. Nicholas McClure
  25. Sam Zavaglia?
  26. Mike Wayne?
  27. Ray Chiappe
  28. Beck Duggleby

I don’t know whether Jason Santander runs Stock Honda or not…