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Thank you, Debbie. That was very helpful. I couldn’t figure out how to get onto the old forum.

Here’s a few suggestions and thoughts of mine:

I think it should be top priority to run the full track. Even if you’ve got to pay some extra corner workers, that’s nothing compared to the cost of everything else in the event. Also, if we get an entry list of around 400 (which I personally do not doubt), is there a possibility of extending the weekend into Friday? Some people are coming from very, very far away; it may discourage the international competitors if the event is only two days. I don’t mean to sound greedy, but would Bernie (or Chris) be willing to take that step to rent the track for another day? I’d understand why they wouldn’t want to, and it wouldn’t bother me, but it may bother others. Furthermore, Stock Honda should be separated into two classes: light and heavy. On a technically challenging, ultra-high speed track like Circuit of the Americas, weight is paramount.

OK, I’ve spouted my overcritical nonsense. ;)

I’m 100% sure I’ll make it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be racing! I may just watch longingly as a spectator if the finances don’t come through. Stock Honda is my ultimate goal, but Stock Leopard may be the more reasonable choice financially. I’ll be 15 this August, so it’s my dad who is, <ahem>, responsible for making it all happen. Luv ya, Dad! :lol:

Speaking of which, will Stock Honda, TaG Senior, or Stock Leopard be open to 15 year olds? Or will 16 be the limit? If so, I may have to settle for TaG Junior.