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Robert Lawson

I have not read every page or post here but it seems this subject was started as a poll. Looking back at the first post it’s clear this was an idea, to find if it has a pulse or not.

Has 216 people with $600 been found? Did you send the required $300 deposit due by 11-30-13?

Lets be honest, finding $130,000 (65K per day) to rent a facility in the current condition of Road Race Karting is absurd. It’s just not out there.

Just the thought of getting out there to some may have blurred their vision. The excitement took over and ran with an “idea”.

I never saw this as a viable event that would actually happen. Great idea, very ambitious. But, it’s a killer….let excitement and ambition overwhelm your judgment and you’ll never hold another event……anywhere! All or nothing, make or break…..think about it…..130K (plus, plus, plus…..)

I hope for all of you really wanting this to materialize that you get your wish.

If it were my a$$ on the line…..It would take a lot of Milk to soften THAT cookie!

Good Luck,


PS: Roger, my standing offer from Laguna years ago still stands. PM a contact number, I have questions.