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Roger Miller

George, you might think that will happen, and it might in other parts of the country, but out here in Cali it is still real hard to get dates.  I am putting together 2014 schedule and so far only one of my tracks has even offered dates, and they are Fridays….  recall that we cannot possibly do a multi-day event at this time with low number of entries we are still experiencing.  And Fridays are charged at the same rate as Saturday and Sunday….

And this one track is basically the most expensive venue we operate at outside of Sonoma and Laguna.

The issue seems to be “non-racing” groups are coming out of the woodwork.  Expensive cars and motorcycles doing lapping days and weekends.

And the few times we have tried to partner, they try to saddle us with most of the rent cost for less than half of the available time.

Nothing easy about this yet.