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Kelly Read


As I posted at the beginning of this discussion, I had talked to Bernie at the beginning a couple of times by phone and e-mails on this event since I am close to where this event was going to happen to discuss us being able to help support the event. Our last conversation was that he was to have a meeting with the COTA officials in August and get back with me but I never heard back.  He knows that we at KART/MARRS would be putting together our 2014 schedule in October and we needed to know before then if this date was happening so we would try and work around it if possible. Since then, I have e-mailed, called and even sent a message on facebook to him and have heard nothing back to this day.

So as far as KART/MARRS, we have put together our 2014 tenitive schedule (waiting on a confirmation date from 1 track). As anyone who does scheduling for any type event knows, you can’t wait until January to request particular dates. To answer your question, I would if you go ahead and get your schedule together.

I would LOVE to see one big event where ALL ROAD RACERS from across the USA and those outside the USA to go and have a super event. Place, time & money are big factors to consider rather you are the promoter or just a racer coming to support it. This is tough!!!!