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Jeff Wesell

The last somewhat “official” information on this was from David Cole’s post on August 26th when he was ensured on a pending update- soon.   In three days, it will be two additional months.  How soon is that?    j/k  lol

Although this initial thread and tentative race event sure took off like a wild  fire, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re best off just not hold with bated breath anymore, close up the CoTA checkbook for the time being and start planning our 2014 itinerary with what we already know are either confirmed or traditional dates.  Will see what continues to roll out for RR events.    On a side note, seeing some recent online chatter and updates…. so it is good to see the clubs/sanctions posting updates (ala: promoters keeping us informed) and getting their schedules ironed out.  :)

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