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Chris Fender

“The HF trailer is great and no modification is required. The rear wheels just hang out a bit but it is fine. been using it for 3+ years folds and stores against a wall. and there is plenty of space for kart and Stand. get the 20% off coupon and it cost $240+tax”

Juan that’s good news! Do you have to remove the side pods on the Kart for it to roll on the HF trailer? I’m totally cool with the rear wheels hanging over.

Now if I can just get someone to assemble the damn trailer for me. I’m sure I have the correct tools, I just don’t like killing a Saturday on projects like that.

I also have no clue about what I need to hitch it and wire it to my Highlander. I had a hitch installed on the Highlander already so I could hook up a bike rack but I’ve never actually towed anything behind it.

I also understand I need to register the trailer with DMV. Is that correct?

I know. I’m a mess.