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Jay Sinon

My daughter runs Yamaha Jr.on a  Kosmic Mercury (30mm) and we have had alot of success with it handles well and andjust real well!  If you are looking for a OTK 30mm kart they make 3 brands that all are the same otk parts(chevy,buick,cadilac) the tony kart EVK or the FA kart Victory and what we use the Kosmic kart mercury model. A plus to buying a kosmic is that J3 is at all of the big races and they are based not that far from you in erie PA. I have also seen the top karts do well at the track but I dont know the model. If you google kosmic kart J3 Compitition will come up check out there site and look at the models there. Good Luck maybe we can race you next year at the Gopro Motorplex in NC.

TaG Sr.