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Kevin Reguera

Thanks for the input guys!  I really appreciate everything everyone has to say about this, and other subjects. Very cool!

Allen, Yes, they are actually very close to me and I’ve never heard of them because I’m just a new guy to the kart scene.  However, It’s seems to me he may just be operating from his house because the address is in a residential location kind of out in the country.  I’ll be giving them a fly-by.  That’s awesome to know about extremegokarts.com though!

Brian, I was afraid someone might say it might not be practical to go from 2 to 4 stroke engines.  Can you please explain why that is?  Sorry, I’m clueless and trying to learn this stuff.  New to karting but not to racing and going fast on four wheels and asphalt.  I do like the sticker price on that TS but I’m also afraid I’m going to get bored of only having an animal to scoot around.

If that is the case and it’s not going to be practical to just…switch from a thumper to a screamer on the same day for some adrenaline…then it’s back to the drawing board for me because I know I’ll need more than the animal to keep the interest going for longer than a season.

Once again, thanks to everyone taking their time to chime in and help out a rookie!