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Chris Hegar

IMO, here’s the way I look at it. Each year did we gain 5 new runners that we never had before while maintaining the runners from last year? 5 is my guess to offset rising cost and I know that’s not nearly enough but looking around the drivers meeting 5 is the best I think we can hope for. If your club isn’t seeing at least that many new racers your in the same trouble as every other rr club or will be soon.

Not stepping on KART with my listing of 14 runners Austin but the KART site shows every race and all the runners in those races for 2013 to date. You have about 213 total entry’s  in all classes for all season and that’s not counting each name to see how many times it’s listed in more than one class or guys that only went to 1 event, that’s everybody. I’d imagine it’s about 80 names registered total that push the program consistently. 80 is almost exactly what we have here in bodies so were pretty close to the same as far as trucks in the pits. You may not now but you will be in search of racers at some point. Natural tracks are cool and your lucky to have them but pavement gets rough and needs $ to get fixed that’s when the $ rises.

IKF rr has done what the racers asks as far as I know for rules. Can I ask what recent rules made you dislike or the IKF runners in general dislike for rr? I’m on the IKF rr committee and have not seen any requests or changes to our rules in years. I will pass on your request to the board.

Numbers in IKF rr have lots to contend with. SKUSA in Cali, nice sprint programs here in the NW and the dark side of karting no ones thinks about…. dirt. Dirt is growing and it’s cheap in comparison to rr if your looking for fun with your buds. Yes you can piss it away if you try real hard but dirt is very affordable and you can buy it all ready to go if you know where to go.

I forgot to add, if anyone with anything shows up at the rr track we will always accommodate those runners, we never turn down a kart unless it is unsafe. You wanna run Briggs 2 stroke banana pipe ball bearing muffler Senior over 75 @650lbs class just offer up a few and we will see if it can be added to the roster. Yea were that desperate to draw in people, it’s ugly round here.