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Austin Henry


You sure to know a lot about KART for never racing with us.  Good thing for us is half of our races are on natural road courses, so track rental fees do not affect us as much.  We have a great group of racers and do not require 300+ entries per weekend to pay our bills.  KART was formed to get away from IKF, maybe IKF should pay more attention to what we are doing.  We take care of our racers, create class structures that support what is in the area, all of are classes are sponsored (series and national classes).  All of karting is a slump right now and it comes down to cost in my opinion.  When I raced SKUSA there were people spending 120K+ to race shifter karts, heck for that money we can be racing cars.

Those of you who dream of a national road racing series, keep dreaming!  If you cant afford to race in your own back yard, how can you race halfway across the country!  Plus the politics would never allow it (we all know this).

In my opinion KART works because we have the best members of any organization, we all work together to promote and put on races.  We are all involved in rule changes (that dont happen every year), we have relitivly low cost, high quality venues to race at, and we base our class structtre around our racers, we dont need 70 classes in the “hope” that people will come race “once ina  while”.  With that being said, we have had groups ask us to add classes such as Jr sportsman 1 and B-stock, we gladley did but the support from these groups was great, 10-20+ racers show up and we have a great class with great racing.  Also when KART racers travel to other series they are usally up front, so its even greater we have top notch racers as well.

Austin Henry