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Kelly Read

How nice it is to read how road racers across the USA are working together to try and help RR survive. I like that everyone is staying positive as this is what we need to do to help RR survive. Don’t know about the rest of you but, there are times that the way I may type something it sounds like I am bashing someone and this is not always the case and especially on this topic. I know several of you and some I don’t but, I believe we are all after the same result (Keep RR alive!!).

It’s kind of weird on how we have actually went from “Can RR survive without the clubs” to “Can the clubs survive without the racers” in what I am reading.  As said before, WE NEED BOTH!!!!

How awesome it would be if there was only one RR series in the USA!!  Can this be done??  My opinion is NO. This is not because I wouldn’t like to see it but, RR is different then Sprint & Speeday as where they have local tracks that are closer to racers in where RR tracks are spread out no matter what part of the country you live in.  What we may gain in Portland, we would loose from the East coast (same as other areas). As for combining series together for events, I can’t speak for the others but KART which is the sanctioning body of MARRS (Mid America Road Race Series) has done this in the past. We have had joint races with SWRA,  Badger kart club, CES and when Cole was involved with that series before Davey took over.  Speaking for our racers (me included), we traveled to Road America, Gateway, and Milwakee along with supporting the other MARRS events. Did it work, YES. What about classes and rules?? No issue!!!  We used the hosts event format they normally used and for classes they didn’t offer that the other organization ran, it was added to some race (very few classes needed to be added) and didn’t effect a thing as far as the schedule.  Rules, outside of maybe weight or MINOR items, we didn’t have to make major changes as we were all close enough anyway. Yes it took a little time but those of us who represented each group, worked well together to make it happen.  I must say that I and believe that the others who hosted these combine events were happy when the event was done. Anytime you can bring in 80+ more entries, is a big +!!!!

As for seeing finances, do I care to see them?? Not really as long as all the bills got paid and NO ONE (promoter, club, organization, etc.) goes into the RED. Must remember, even though I don’t hold a NATIONAL official position in the organization I am heavily involved with, I do keep track of numbers from our series and attend board meetings.  I will say as a promoter of one of the cheapest tracks to hold an event  (Afton), I would rather promote tracks where all I have to do is unlock and lock the gate coming and going!!!!  At Afton, it takes 4 days before and 3 days after to set-up and tear down to put this event on. This doesn’t count the hours it takes to deal with owners, getting workers, etc.  Even with this track, I personally have paid out of pocket (2 solid days of rain didn’t help).  I don’t do this for the money, I do it because I LOVE RRing!!!!