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Benn Herr

As a side note to Bills comment, The $145 includes everything. No pit passes required. You can bring as many of your friends or family as you want – no charge. They can do this because the number of people (cars included) entering is large enough to cover the cost of insuring the entire event, not on a Per Pit Pass sold basis. All they have to do is sign the waiver. ProAutoSports does all the Timing and Scoring, all the Safety Crews, all the Kart Pickups. We just show up and drive. After your first race though, you do have to become a member of the ASA. They provide several benefits beyond the normal insurance (which has better coverage than kartings usual providers) such as hotel discounts and insurance for you trailer to and from the event.

ProAutoSport just expanded this Summer into the Pacific Northwest. They ran an event at Spokane County Raceway. I hear it went pretty well.

The groups are out there that would be willing to partner, you just need to find them. There may need to be some changes to adapt kartings traditional format into their program, but it’ll be worth the effort.