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Bill Pyles

Best kept secret in Arizona is that for several years, road racers, under the management of Benn Herr, have raced with car club ProAutosports at the former Firebird Raceway near Phoenix that has 4 different road courses!  The car club has several groups and the karts are just another group, treated equally.  We also race twice a year at Inde Motorsports in Willcox, AZ.  All karts run together in 4, 20 minute sessions per race day, with the last session being the race.  The classes run together, but are scored separately.  We have 250 sprint, 125 stock Honda, 125 sprint modified, and World Formula.  we would score TAGs if they showed up.  A big weekend is 40 karts, but we have a blast, and most of us drive less than 40 minutes to the tracks. 

Lesson—kart clubs should look for opportunites to partner with car clubs.