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Colm O’Higgins

This has become an excellent thread.   Follows from an earlier ekartingnews generated thread.

Some truths are being made evident.  And the fact that this evidence is being gleaned from (vocal) kartracers is a fantastic motivation to improve, no change, the way we all do things.

First, roadracing karters are working together…evidenced by this thread.

Second, clubs  need to work together, as Gene Davis put it.

Third, insurance, tracks, Series, and (barely) enough roadracers are available.

So I conclude that the cost(s) of racing is the main culprit.  Rule differences are a distinct problem.  Date overlapping or being too close to one another is a minor issue overall.

The main issue is COSTS.  In my opinion the are prioritized by most as 1 Travel & Accommodation costs   2 Differences in Rules Series to series (read brakes) and 3   The proportion of monies that sanctioning bodies retain.

The cost of tracks and insurance coverage remains pretty constant, as far as I am aware.

To address this, Travel and Accommodation and other costs:

1  requires a grouping together of racers when travelling to a specific event.  The Sanctioning Body(s) can do this or even ekartingnews could do it (David?).  And storage locally or at the track (New Castle has storage garages) would be a saving too.

2  Rules need to be nearly identical Series to Series.  A “Summit’ of Series leaders should ensue.

3  Sanctioning bodies be it WKA, IKF, CES, or KART must be totally transparent in publishing online their costs and what % they retain to cover their expenses.  Insurance coverage must be a part of this plan.

Secondary matters such as Technical Rules and dates can be settled…political will being present.  That is one of the most difficult parts, political will.

OR, the roadracer will be compelled to form their own single Sanctioning body.  Not MY choice.  But if it comes to that I am in.

Or…I don’t even want to think of it.