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Chris Hegar

I find it amusing when people make these posts and leave out KART. Road Racing in KART it doing quite well.

KART needs help as well. Looking at the 2013 points totals to date the largest class all year was Briggs Animal Sportsman with 14 in class at Lake Afton, 14’s not killing it by any means. Probably paying the bills and coming out a little ahead but it won’t be long and track rental fees will rise hurting the program. Tracks are starting to look at not just rental but how much fuel they can sell to groups. In other words they want to sell you the track plus 500 gallons of gas to your runners which is easy with big cars but us we don’t do much in that area. Better track days will go to clubs that rent and burn. It’s a tough situation.

I can see the US moving to 3 or 4 events a year in each region hoping to draw those of us left and going the extra mile to attract the sprint side as a new thing. The only other hope is that a group like SKUSA finds a reason to throw in a big track race which I doubt would happen. I don’t know if the old IKF or WKA label helps sell races anymore, sometimes it’s better to relabel and push it off as a new program.