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Gene Davis

One thing that to me is evident reading all the posts are that the competitors are very loyal and passionate about the series they support. Kelly has a good thing going at KART just as CES and WKA. For those of you that don’t know me I have been a Dart Kart member for 28 years, currently am treasurer and chairman of the road race committee for WKA. All these series need to co-exist. The best thing everyone can do is keep the rules as close to the same from series to series and try not to schedule on top of other series or clubs. I for one do not want to see any series die. Each one has their own special place for karters. When a series dies everyone loses karters. Some karters will travel to another series but most retire or take up another form of racing.

The one thing I would ask of the long time racers is to give each of the series a chance. If you haven’t run a WKA, KART, or CES race give them a try. You may have had a bad experience once but clubs change so give the other guy a chance.

Let me put my treasuer hat on just to compare some things between CES and WKA. Not saying one is right or not just want to compare. The WKA race at Grattan had pre entry fees of $90 and at track entry of $105. WKA membership is $65.00 or $20/weekend. Weekend pit pass is $25. Adding things up if you ran 2 races and joined WKA your cost would be $90 + $90 +$65 + $25 = $270. The CES race at Gingerman you had $85 pre entry, $105 at the track. $30 pit pass. So if you ran 2 races and joined CES ($75) your cost would be $275. The $5 difference is about as close as you can get to run two great series and similar type tracks. I did not include anything about Friday practice since CES does not offer that. We are looking at that now for some WKA events. In all my years of being treasurer, the clubs very seldom cover the cost of Friday. Just can not charge enough to cover the cost.

As for the cost of the more expensive tracks just to give you an idea Mid Ohio and VIR are very similar in rent. DKC needs 216 more entries at Mid Ohio to cover the cost difference in renting Grattan and Mid Ohio. For you old timers we used to race at Mid Ohio 5 times a year. Then it went to 3, then 1, then we tried 2 again. Now we are at 1 again. We get offered additional dates each year but there are just not enough karters out there to pay those bills.

Thanks for listening.