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Lance Hiser

I believe the higher prices are pushing racers away, now Im only a teenager, but my first vacation was at a race track. i was just a few weeks old and my father raced with all the road racing series in the midwest. I remember seeing the whole pit lane filled with karts, from Enduros to sprinters to shifters. We haven’t ran any WKA since 2006, and there is a reason for that, higher prices of entry fees. My dad told me the other day that it took 30 dollars to run a class and they ran(as a team) 2-3 classes each day…. we have been running CES the last two years and we have seen a big increase in numbers this year…so yes some people will agree with me and some will disagree, but i know that if entry fees and pit pass prices lower you will receive more entries. Just my opinion but like i said Im just a teenager, I don’t know much about insurance…