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Kelly Read

To this point, it seems I have some people who knows and understands all or at least the big part of what it takes to put a RR event on.   1oo% agree that most racers don’t care of what it takes as long as they just have a place to race.  I have no problem with this as a promoter, I NEED THEM!!  As long as the racers that just come and race then leave understand it doesn’t happen over night and that there is a whole lot of work that happens before, during and after a event for the promoter.  As racers, we show up and leave as where the promoter still has plenty to do. GOT TO HAVE BOTH!!!

#1) Promoting a RR event(s): I currently do 2 of 7 in our series. A few years back I did 6 of 8 (Nice that people stepped up and gave me a break). I do still “help” at the other events rather it be from being the R.D. to tech. Promoting is where someone does the before/during/after work such as scheduling of event dates, making the event schedule, sanctioning of the track, set track up (barriers, fencing, etc) if track calls for it, buying passes, getting workers, etc., keeping things rolling throughout the weekend and then goes home Sunday night and rest for a minute before taking care of the post race stuff (recap paperwork & fees to send in, tear down track, etc.) This last parts SUCKS!!!! 

On the insurance, YES, #2 & #3 are close to the same. 

For #2, from my experience having a organization such as the main ones mentioned that I can purchase insurance through, makes it easier and cheaper to get insurance for the promoter as they have memberships, rules and insurance carriers already in place.

#3, I was asking if people knew just what/how the insurance company covered the policy holder (didn’t say I could type what I am thinking !!!). From myself,  In general they (insurance carrier I use) cover what we use for rules that we go by and any additional items I may include (L.O. rules as a example) and first but most important is  the track.  Having to send in pictures, fill out a application which has several questions and to be approved first, is the big thing. This is done by February the latest for me.  If it doesn’t get approved first, it doesn’t matter what rules you run by as there will be no race unless you find another carrier if you can. As one who knows, I have had to make changes (mainly more barriers) and re-submit to get approval.

#4) # of events we attend – KART/MARRS had 7 this year and attended all 7. In the past we have attended all there events and 1-2 events over East.

#5) Area – Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri. As stated earlier, we are very fortunate to leave where we do!!! 

#6) Was the Kansas director and a national board member for IKF back in the mid 80,s. Now, not really any title but I do a lot for KART and the series. I answer questions or give input when asked by other orgnizations in which both IKF & WKA has asked in the past.

 SO, sounds like we are trying but just need to keep it up and hope things get better in the near future!!!