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Nick Weil

1) Who actually here promotes/promoted a RR event?? Not talking about helping at the event. Doing it all.
Pretty sure I have done almost everything for the Southern Kart Club…
2) Anyone know how rather it’s a organization, club, etc. gets insurance ??
Ours is handled through WKA as part of our Regional Series agreement.
3) How does the insurance company determine how they cover your event??
Same answer as #2…
4) How many RR events do you attend a year??
Used to be 10-12, now lucky if do 4-6.
5) What area of the country??
The Southeast.
6) Who is/has been in the politics as a board member (IKF, KART, WKA, CES)??
I’ve been very active as a WKA member on the Board of the SKC, but never been in an elected WKA position.

I am certain that most racers aren’t aware of what it takes. I am also certain that most racers don’t want to hear what it takes, they just want to race. Therein lies the problem. Lack of support and participation above and beyond what your monetary budget allows.