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Debbie Kuntze

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. 1) Who actually here promotes/promoted a RR event?? Not talking about helping at the event. Doing it all.  Oh God yes-Fontana for SCK (and other events for SCK) and USKGP

2) Anyone know how rather it’s a organization, club, etc. gets insurance ?? Yup-quite a bit as well as clarifying for the insurance co.

3) How does the insurance company determine how they cover your event?? Same asnswer really as 2

4) How many RR events do you attend a year?? Unfortunately with economy it is dwindling. only 2 this year so far but as a mechanic since I retired from racing.

5) What area of the country?? So Cal mostly

6) Who is/has been in the politics as a board member (IKF, KART, WKA, CES)?? Yup- still active on committee for RR