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George Sunderland

Have I organized a race before?  Not a road race but a street race.  I organized and directed 2 street races in Steadman, NC. The most work was presenting plans to and persuading the town council. Part-time police chief was the worst.   Fortunately, the streets were free.  We ran 3 classes: juniors,4 stroke and 2 stroke.  Rules were on 5 sheets of paper I wrote with my old man.  Insurance was through AMA.  Everybody had to join AMA to get the insurance but at least it was cheap and we got a cool magazine for a year along with other AMA benefits (more recently a few years back I know one of Rob Lawson’s f125 events at BeaverRun used AMA insurance which seemed to work well). We had a crash (no serious injuries) and the town council got scared so it ended after 2 events.  Had about 150 entries total which wasn’t bad and paid the bills which were small (volunteer EMT worked for free).

I’ve served on several boards over the years.  Usually they start with tons of ideas but the passion quickly dies before any of those ideas are implemented.   Politics?  Yeah, no fun.  The thing I hate is if you are an organizer, you pretty much can’t race yourself.  Also need to keep distance from friends for fear of favoritism accusations. d

I admire anyone and everyone who organizes an type of race.  It is thankless.  Once upon a time, folks who did it well could make a pretty good profit.  Those days are long gone.  Can it be done better?  Sure.  Success is easily measured by turnout plain and simple.