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James McMahon

1) Who actually here promotes/promoted a RR event?? Not talking about helping at the event. Doing it all.

I haven’t “done it all”, but I’ve been heavily involved with the promotion, tech\comms, timing\scoring and points aspects of CES with Dave. Enough to remind me of what I already knew, organizing these events is an absolutely colossal effort. This is one reason why it irks me when people bring profit into this. For the work thats done to get these events going, as drivers we should be OK with people making money from this when/if they can.
On that path, I’ve been developing ideas and tools to use technology and the web to make things more efficient leading up to and during a race weekend. A lot done but still a lot more to do. This is also something I’d like to see kartpulse take the lead on: tooling race organizers for success.

2) Anyone know how rather it’s a organization, club, etc. gets insurance ??

Im no expert on the matter, but I know enough to understand there is a lot of BS talked about it and I feel it’s often used by some orgs as an excuse/scapegoat for things they would rather not deal with. So they say its an “insurance thing”

4) How many RR events do you attend a year??
4-5 depending on schedule, budget, whos running it and where its being run. I try to throw a couple of sprints in if I can.

5) What area of the country??
Midwest unless I have a compelling reason to spend the extra dough to make a trip elsewhere (example USKGP)

6) Who is/has been in the politics as a board member (IKF, KART, WKA, CES)?? Does CES have a board (not sure).
CES don’t have a board perse. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to read into it. So far, its working IMO. Dave runs a pretty accommodating series.