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Kelly Read


As one who knows you and has been involved with you in joint races (OUCH!!!), you have a pretty good understanding on all the work it takes to put a race on. Just checking to see who else understands. A lot has to happen way before & after a event.  I know for a fact a lot of people don’t/didn’t know until they were told about what it takes to promote an event. A few years back I tried to get someone to take over Afton but once they found out it was more then just showing up to be the race director, they lost interest quickly.

It amazes me when I have people post, PM, e-mail or call me to tell me how we (KART) need to run our events and they have never been here and may not ever. Do we run local option classes, yes. Do we have 500+ entries, NO. Do the bills get paid, have enough classes, simple rules, have great events, top notch drivers,YES YES YES!!!  You add up the entries from the IKF and the KART nationals, you will see that KART had more entries with fewer classes. IKF or KART has never matched up to WKA events. Since being a kid, I always believed that over East there was more racers then anywhere else no matter what form of racing there was. Not sure they don’t have big numbers for turtle racingn!! haha. Big numbers are nice but can be a headache.

As I told Bernie who is working on this COTA thing for 2014 (yet to hear back from him on the status), don’t take what is posted as a SURE THING that they are coming as when you look back from the event he put on @ HPT, there were several who said they were coming and didn’t.  NO ONE needs to take a lost let alone a major loss !!

On #2, I am asking if people know how the insurance companies covers us by. In a nut shell, they cover what is in that organization’s rule book.   This help?? Underwriters just don’t cover my event due to me paying some fee, they have rules also.

As for the politics, even though clubs have a lot on there plate, the national organizations have more to deal with due to that they have to deal with more racers across there entire membership. Just seeing who has been involved with it.