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Kelly Read

PLEASE don’t take this wrong, just asking a few questions to those posting here. I’m not here to say I agree or disagree with statements posted, just a promoter, supporter, racer with a family of 4 who loves road racing.

1) Who actually here promotes/promoted a RR event?? Not talking about helping at the event. Doing it all.

2) Anyone know how rather it’s a organization, club, etc.  gets insurance ??

3) How does the insurance company determine how they cover your event??

4) How many RR events do you attend a year??

5) What area of the country??

6) Who is/has been in the politics as a board member (IKF, KART, WKA, CES)?? Does CES have a board (not sure).

As someone who has/is heavily involved in the questions above, I’m interested to hear what others have to comment on these questions. I am even willing to tell my answers.