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James McMahon

I’ve only skimmed though the thread, but I’ll leave these nuggets..

As drivers we need to forget WKA for Road Racing. Seriously.  For more reasons than I can count. Too much BS, too much hierarchy. At this point, I could care less about their involvement in the past. Their legacy with RR  is great but the road ahead, based on their rules and general attitude towards RR says to me they don’t deserve the support of drivers. Multi event “national” championships are a thing of the past, maybe (distant) future but not the sustainable present.
A lot of events need to drop the “National” monkier, its tired, old and pathetic.

For-Profit/Non-Profit has little to do with making money. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Higher entry fees are a feasible and legitimate damage limitation measure if the drivers dedicated to the event or series are onboard with it. If handled correctly it won’t be perceived as gauging.

Resource pooling is a must. When the USKGP @ COTA was announced I did some research into tools that could be used to help facilitate ride/transport sharing. It’s something that I have shelved for phase 1 for kartpulse.com, but it may move up the order for phase 2 if there is enough interest.

Road racing is viewed as “dangerous” by many sprinters. I don’t share that view however perception = reality. Until this perception changes, RR will be in the minority.

As drivers we need to get together, reach a consensus and call the shots.  Recent history has told me that getting the organizers of the various events on the same page in a collaborative manner is not going to happen.  So, drivers need to group together and take the reins (sp?). We need to vote with our feet in a pre-emptive and public manner. I’m struggling to articulate what I’m thinking of here, but hopefully you will get the idea. In essence some clubs/orgs aren’t getting it and we need to lead the way by supporting orgs, rules and schedules that make sense.

More incoherent ramblings to follow.