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George Sunderland

I don’t sell meters, valves, or anything else but I have had PHD level econ and finance…….

If you want to permanently kill a declining market, the surest way to do it is to increase the barriers to entry. Road racing is currently a declining market.   Increasing fees may generate a temporary cash influx but it will guarantee a speedy and permanent shutdown.  Just look at how well jacking entry fees has worked for IKF.    Its a horrible idea and as I stated earlier, greedy pit pass costs have already turned away countless potential newbies.  The key is to get new blood and keep the folks you already do have.  One  killer we can do little about is travel costs which are especially high for road racing.  I’ve suggested before that clubs investigate nearby kart storage to reduce travel costs.  Also, orgs such as WKA should facilitate commuter info boards to facilitate truck pooling.  Even send e-mails giving all members contact info for all fellow karters within a 100 mile radius.  Should also explore reaching out to folks who have been missing for two years or more and ask what would it take to bring them back. Another angle that may help is sliding scale entry fees meaning if we have a certain number of entries, fee is X. If we get more than X entries, folks will be given a refund based on final total.  This creates an incentive for everyone to participate in proactive marketing since the more folks they can talk into coming, the lower their fees will be.  It also greatly reduces potential mistrust from folks wondering if somebody made too much money off them.  Afterall, WKA  and some clubs are nonprofit aren’t they?  Racing in the rain would also help take away an excuse for people who have to travel far.  The secret we’re all searching for it how do you take away as many excuses as possible for not coming out?

I don’t have the sure fire fix but I know jacking fees is the sure fire killer……..