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Colm O’Higgins

Jeff Mott started this thread:

” Can RR survive without the Clubs?”

The USPKS has entry Fees of $300 and up!  They are beholding to NO Sanctioning body.

Their engine spec rules are fairly open with just a specific ‘blowdown’ rule and specified parts such as headers and carbs.  They are run by Promotors who know where the break even point is, and keep their heads above water.

Yes, they are different.  They are far from KART.  They are high end racing that attracts attention.   Professionals.  Clubs tend to have those who are willing to work and then sort out their abilities.  Cart before the horse?

Maybe Clubs do not need to go to those extremes but they have to watch the ‘bottom line’ and charge accordingly.  Kart racers are by design thrifty, kinda.  They have to be!

But it takes a lot of money to rent these big tracks, no spectators and no major sponsorship.  Without those latter two items the karter must pay the freight.

If roadracing is to survive, let alone thrive, across the nation (and the West Coast is pretty much gone already)  then the Clubs and their Members need a course in financial reality.  

Whatever it costs we must pay.