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Allan Dawson

I raced at the Roebling Road event last weekend in Savannah.   During the  Southern Kart Club dinner Saturday night, the dire state of club finances was discussed.   A number of possible solutions were discussed to help turn things around, which included the following……

–  increasing Club membership yearly dues from $35 to $100

–  actively solicit Sponsors

–  reduce cost on trophy/plaque expense

A club member called on a Doctor who works Trauma at NASCAR events and has raced at Roebling Road with Southern Kart Club. The call was well received  and the Doctor agreed to a $ contribution.

A collection was taken up among club members and Racers after Sundays mornings Driver Meeting.  Well over $1000 was taken in.  I know this is not enough to  put the Club on firm financial ground, but it’s a start.

Allan Dawson

Southern Kart Club Member