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Colm O’Higgins

Seems we have a plethora of reasons why RR is not currently booming.  We have several good suggestions to remedy this reality.  To-day’s youth has many activities to choose from, that’s new to those of us from past years.  


MUST HAPPEN SOON or race dates will be far less evident and farther away than at present.  

That’s okay if the numbers support the costs.  IF.

First, the sanctioning bodies need to work together.  KART and WKA and IKF.  Wow, seems improbable.

Second, Gene may be correct, but a hydrid system of National classes and Local Option classes should work.  Far fewer in number, please.   And must include a Junior class.

Third, karting needs a National sponsor…Mazda is the only one so far.  What do they see?  Mazda’s input, if they are reading this Forum…

Fourth, a travel “tow-money” fund should be explored as a doable concept.

Fifth, partnering with ‘higher’  forms of motorsport will be a road to increase karting’s RR numbers by drawing from racers with more disposable income.