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George Sunderland

Answer to question:  No.


Larry, I like your idea.  Also, $30 pit passes are killing any chance of getting the curious coming out to check us out which = no new blood.  I can go to the Crofton dragstrip here for $7 and roam the pits all day and night. If a guy wants to bring his son just to see what road race karting is all about, its $60.  Just to check it out.   Also, we used to have a junior enduro class.  Much of the downturn started about the same time that class died.  Some fans become participants.  But forget about fans unless its REAL cheap,  Look at NASCAR .  They can’t buy enough banners to cover the empty seats.  I’m convinced the key is to combine road races with other group’s events.   Reach out to boy scouts and other groups to  host regional pinewood derby championships at our races, etc.  Invite local car clubs.  Etc.  Since many guys take Thursday and Friday off anyways, what about races on Monday and Tuesday with Sunday as drive down day?  At some venues, rent is a LOT cheaper………