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Mike Arnold


Generally speaking Sprint TAG’s may not need front brakes but without front brakes they can’t cross over to RR.  If the karts are legal for both series then we can get the same kart legal for both series like the shifter karts are.  I don’t think we want to allow single brake system karts for RR.  As I said before there will be complaints about cost in the beginning but if this takes effect 5 yrs from now nobody will remember and it will be a normal part of the karting.  I don’t like the sound of this after re-reading it but I believe it would be best for karting in the long run.  It won’t be popular for sure.  But if you are a racer and you have the opportunity now to try RR then with this rule it would not be a negative as is now TAG racers are not going to spend the $ just so they enter 1 race per year so they never try it to see if they like it.  If we can find another way to allow TAG’s kart to try RR without going in this direction without worries about safety then we should go that route instead.

Consider Shifter karts –  Should they have to have Front brakes for sprint tracks?  Because they do have them now you can use this kart in any series.  This makes it easy for these racers to race anywhere they like without many changes to their karts.  I am sure when the front brakes came out from them there were similiar cost concerns and complaints and fast forward to now it is not an issue and is a nice piece of mind to have this safety feature.


PS:  I love being at the track with your Dad….he’s a hoot!