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Larry Dobbs

First to quote Roger Penske about the new Grand Prix of Indianapolis:

“Thinking about history, we’ve gone from 30 days to 10 [with the 500]; we’ve got the Brickyard,” he said. “History, to me, is behind us, and in today’s world you’ve got to take big, bold steps. I think that’s the Speedway has done and the Hulman family has done, and it’s going to make our series a much better series.”

“Big Bold Steps”

National race is a once in a life time “bucket list” event for most of us due to finances.  Let’s agree as a nation of kart racers to attend one big race per year and call it the Kart Grand Prix of America.  It can be moved each year from region to region.  For example, if going to COTA is a bucket list item for you, then you sign up and go, otherwise you wait for the next time the race goes to Austin or another track on your list.  Local kart clubs tend to your members locally, but when it is your turn to host the big race, everyone that can afford to will attend your version of the KGPA.  etc.

Anybody care to add to this big idea with positive input?  This is forum brainstorming!