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Mike Arnold

If WKA would make dual brake systems a requirement for 2015 Man Cup TAG classes (give everyone 1 season to adjust) then 2016 you will slowly see the TAG entries grow in RR and probably will not lose any entries in Man Cup due the big money involved.  Short term complaints in Man Cup with long term growth RR + justified via added safety for higher speed carts.  Anyway you see it WKA wins this race!

Next, need to look at a ladder kart system with top rail not being a move to cars.  I think after Sprint racers reach 20 + and approaching the 30yr age that road racing becomes the progression vs. staying in sprint and racing against a mainly teenager based series.  I don’t mean this in a negative way but a big part of WKA Man Cup is 8-15yrs old.   Then there is some serious racing in TAG classes for 15 to 22 yrs old too but it would be nice if this competition moved to the road racing with the alure of the venues of the bigger tracks like the potential race at COTA or the race we had MIS or other any of the other nice tracks, Mid Ohio, VIR and Daytona just to name a few.  Right now there is just not the competition in road racing to attract these racers.   And the richer ones often move to cars.