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David Cole

Just thought of something else. I understand and agree 100% that all karts in Road Race should have a dual braking system for safety reasons. That decision has cost the clubs alot of entries. Local short track sprinters used to come to the “big” track once a year to race. Many of them got hooked at that point. Now since they would have to change the braking system on their kart that just don’t come. I am open to any suggestion that can help Road Race. Gene

I agree Gene that the rule has hurt road racing in WKA. The ‘boom’ of TaG could have moved over into road racing, but it was stopped when racers were told to spend more money to go on the big tracks. Had the rule came in as a ‘suggestion’ rather than a ‘must’, I personally feel it would have been better.

But like I said before, it would not have completely saved road racing. We still need to reduce the number of races a year, to help promote those major events that we still do have, and focus on building the regional programs.

4 – WKA Nationals a year – each hosted by a club (DKC, Woodbridge, Southern Kart Club)

3 to 5 regional events a year for each area – Midwest (CES), Northeast (Woodbridge), and SKC

You don’t need any more than that.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor