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Gene Davis

I agree with Mr. Cole. Road Racing needs the clubs to survive.

Let me put on my Dart Kart hat for a minute. I have been treasurer of DKC for 26 years. It has been along time since it “only” cost $40,000 to put on a race there. DKC had the opportunity to race 3 times at Mid Ohio in 2013. We declined the other 2 events because they were close to other events at nearby tracks. We stopped racing at Putnam because we just could not get enough people to cover the bills.

Let me put my WKA hat on. WKA does make money on the Road Racing series. As with all the other series within WKA they all work together to pay the bills. Some races make more than others, thats the cost of doing business. Can WKA take over the national series? The answer is no. They do not have the people to staff the events.

Now for just my opinion. Cutting classes is not the answer. When I am doing the budget for DKC I look at how many karts we need on the track for each time slot to pay the bills. If WKA was to cut the classes to lets say 10 from 42 what is going to make up for the loss of entries. Clubs will have to offer more local option classes to fill the void. That saves the clubs no money. The clubs still have to buy awards for the classes be it a local option class or a national class. By leaving the number of national classes where it is allows the rules to be the same from track to track so that the people that want to travel know what is what from one track to the next.

WKA hat again– We are working on a total revamping of the way the national program works for Road Race. Originally we were going to roll it out in 2015 but we are working hard on getting it ready for 2014. Right now all the energy at WKA is being spent on getting the Tech manual to the printers. Once that is finished we will tackle the Road Race changes and see if we can roll it out in 2014.

Thanks for listening.