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Kelly Read

To answer the question “Can RR survive without the clubs”??   If we are talking about the “local” club, YES, I do this myself.  I don’t have members like the old days where members came out and volunteered to flag, do scales, tech, etc..   The events I promote these days, I have to pay people to put on the event.  Would I rather have a club who has enough “volunteers”  to help put the race on, HELL YES!!!  In my area, we used to have a local sprint track that our sprint racers came to the RR track and volunteered and our RR’s went to the sprint track and volunteered, that is gone at least where I am at. Now, we have only the RR racers and we need them to race vs help so this is why I have to pay people to flag, kart pick up, etc.. . Yes, some of the racers do still help (pre-tech, post-tech) but want to race also.

As for organizations (IKF,WKA,KART), are they needed?? In my opinion YES. Are any of these perfect, NO!!! Having a organization such as them is important as they are the ones who do a lot of the behind the back work (would have to be there to fully understand). I know this as I have been a past IKF director and today still a big HELPING HAND for any of the organizations when called upon. 

I have said it many times, I don’t really care who the name is at the top of the event, I JUST WANT TO RACE!!! Anytime my family can go somewhere else and race, we will. BUT, we are sure to support our own area races first!!!

As for KART, it is like any organization. It takes the right leaders, racers, etc to make it happen. As I said above, are they perfect NO. BUT, since I have been involved with other organizations rather it be just giving them input when they call or e-mail me on certain things, KART does listen to there racers better. I will say that one of KART’s biggest advantages is having the number of races (7-8) in a local area that racers can attend, is awesome. How many RR racers can say that they can drive to 7-8 events under 5 – hours??  This could be more if our weather was better. KART runs from late April to mid October as where there are other parts of the country could run year round.

As for numbers, yes KART numbers are lower then in the past, but who’s isn’t?? It’s not so much as getting new racers (always could use more) but, it is keeping those who do/have raced in is tough. Economy, jobs, kids, etc is always going to be a issue no matter where we race at with this.

Number of classes is always a discussion no matter where you are. I see no reason some club/organization should base what to run off someone who doesn’t race in there area. If what you have works (pays the bills, racers are happy, had a good event, etc), then be it!!! I believe all clubs/organization have to do what they need to do to be successful and they are the ones that should know not someone who just get’s on forums and talks and doesn’t go to there events.


I’m not hear to speak negative against any organization. For the record, KART was formed in 1994 and started racing in 1995 and still is in the green even after many felt (hopped) KART would die within a few years after starting up. KART must be doing something right if other organizations are calling them wanting to have joint NATIONAL races!!!

So, in a nut shell!!!  If a event has you a place(s) to race and you can afford to go, THEN GO!!!  Let’s face it, all the major organization rules are pretty dam close to each other so this should not be a issue of attending.  We have had to make MINOR changes when we got somewhere but, we did it because we want to race!!!!!! LESS TALK AND MORE ACTION (attend races) does more for our FUN HOBBY!!!

Let’s go racn,