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Colm O’Higgins

Here is my viewpoint, but something, actually more than a few things, needs to, must happen:

KART certainly has a dedicated model that works for Hallett, Lake Afton and Garnett, etc.  Can it be applied across the expanse of North America?

Dart Kart Club runs Mid Ohio but it costs I am told, nearly $40k to rent the facility for 3 1/2 days for a closed (no spectators) event.  And they barely break even.

At M.I.S. Michigan Kart Club runs a high quality race event and added by requests practice on Friday.  But they only got 50 participants and lost $7000 approx.  This will change.  Also they lost money on the food concessions…kart racers mostly bring their own stuff.

Local “Late Model” circle tracks have spectators and sponsors.  Kart clubs have few.  And they usually involve the local business community.

There are several factors that affect Roadracing today:

1      Years ago clubs (of ‘higher’ series) paid ‘tow money’ to racers depending on how far  we traveled to reach the track.  A Travel Fund paid into by every racer and then distributed?  Can we do that?

2     Schedules and Race Personnel need to, must be, active at each others events.  More populated race events and spread across timetables, Regions respected.  Memberships likewise need to become interchangeable, or amalgamated eventually.  To become reciprocal on Memberships and Licences would be a good starting point.

3    10 Classes maximum!  I counted 61 class divisions in WKA!  Have a participation level requirement, respond quickly.  Do not turn any racer away but put all stragglers in a ‘Left Over’ class of sorts.  Right now Bracket racing would fit.

4    Top tier tracks, as Lyle wrote, can choose from other more wealthy forms of racing to make their profits.  V.I.R. is a prime example.

5    I feel safe, kinda.  But other racers from other types say we at the very least look unsafe!  So kart racing has to become proactive on that issue.

6    Finally, no (other) type of race series exists without a major sponsor. In WKA Mazda has been great…but is the local dealer even aware or involved?  Never saw one yet. Therefore karting has to identify what it can offer a sponsor or piggyback on a higher series activities.  Kart racers bring in significant dollars to local businesses…with little return other than price.

Maybe leave the price at list and get the motel, gas station, or restaurant to provide a set of trophies with their name on it.

To allow the above to happen will take political will, a humbling of egos, and a willingness to compromise.  Time is of the essence.