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Brian Garfield

Hey gang!  Sheesh, had to re-register as the new site has no record of me…

We took this year off (first Nationals missed for me since 2000) for Julian to go Club Racing with the SCCA.  He’s currently 2nd in points in a 30+car class with 2 wins and 7 or 8 podiums.   :-)

If the rule passes for next year, Julian may likely run the shifter for some events, possibly co-driving with Lisa at Pro Solos.  We started prepping an E36 for STX as Julian’s everyday driver and the family autocross car and I’ve been developing it through the second half of the season.  Lisa just drove it for the first time this past weekend and did great.   It’s a huge class this year at Nationals and even locally for us we had 20 at the last event!

We’ll be missing the trip out as it’s a lot of fun for us, and we wish everyone the best of luck and hope you have good weather and a great time.  We’ll see you in 2014…