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Alan Sheidler

Currently at 26 open + 4 for the L class gives KM the largest entry in the Modified category.  Great Stuff.

Anyone else?  For most normal paying entrants, registration closes at midnight tonight, when the fee nearly doubles.  There are always a few who pay the extra tariff, but I would not.  High enough as it is!

I see the name of an old class Champion on the list….  Will wonders never cease?  Tom Harrington, welcome back from wherever you have been.  Now if Dave Hironaka suddenly signed up, I’d likely have to pick my jaw up more than once.  Dan Cyr is off running in BM.  That should be worth watching.  I don’t see Mr. Andrews….. in or not, Larry?  Quite a number of the “Old Guard” from the Forbes days would be fun to get back in some year.  No sense listing the names.

The countdown begins.

Kart in parts.  Uh-oh…..