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Alan Sheidler


The mysterious “Josh” is my pal “TonyKartMan” Josh West from the DC area.  We think we have hooked him up with a ride.

Note that for a big event like The Nationals, I’d be leery of putting some newb into a seat just to make numbers and add participants in the class.  However, when someone you are familiar with, especially one with plenty of shifter kart experience, is looking for a seat, I hope you will do as I always have, and share your machine if possible.

As Jason Vehige puts it, there is nothing like “The Crack Pipe” for getting potential drivers hooked on KM in autocross.  While that initial experience is great at a laid-back local event, for Nationals I’d want someone with more seat time.  There are exceptions.  Enter one experienced autocrosser, Michael Casino.  He impressed the hell outta me at the Toledo Pro, only his second event in KM.  Duck, this is water.  Make a splash.  Have fun.  Eh, hmmm…. Seems like you have some natural affinity for this…..  ;-)